Tuesday, July 19, 2011

30ths, Weddings, work and .... more 30ths

It seems to be that time of year with b'day celebrations abound a couple of weddings thrown in for good measure and being flat out working for the man! I have decided to do a brief update of the the last couple of months and blame my poor updates on lack of time but really just have been lazy.
So I have been to Bowen and Cairns for work which was really good as hadn't been that far north before and was awesome to check out the farming up that way and also doing some touristy stuff. Went to Goulburn for Stu Davos 30th, undertook a photo scavenger hunt through Sydney for Freds 30th and a visit to Boorowa for Daley and Lucy's wedding. Winter is now well and truly here in Sydney with wind and rain and plenty of snow falling on the mountains but because of commitments to hockey and work looks like I might be missing a ski trip this year.
Andrew, Pete, Ineke and I
Andrew and Lucy's wedding - brilliant day at Lucys property near Boorowa

ON a scavenger hunt for Freds 30th having a shot in Sydney

Croc feeding at Cairns

Friday, November 19, 2010

Fundraising events and flatout for work... and some socialising

I have been keeping busy of late doing a variety of activities and due to the time of the year keeping very busy spraying orchards and vegetables - going to have plenty of fruit for Christmas!

Late October was the annual Sydney University Hockey Club Presentation Night, this year the venue was the Grandstand, located at the No 1 oval at Sydney University. The venue used to be the pub I frequented on Wednesday nights as an Undergrad, things have definitely changed and its not a sticky floored uni pub anymore but quite a good function venue.
It was a great night and I walked away with Social Person of the year, possibly getting too old to be winning this award, its another mug for the collection.

I have been out cycling regularly as I had entered the Sydney to Gong bike ride (Nov 7, 2010) which is a fundraiser for the MS society. The ride is 90km starting at Sydney Park, Newtown and finishing at Stuart Park, Wollongong going through the national park at Waterfall. I did the ride with a couple of mates in a team called Team O' Yeah, we raised around $2500 going to a great and needy cause. I did the ride in a touch under 4 hours including stops, not going to brake any records but I will keep working on the cycling. The event is not a race and very social so thorough-ably enjoyable with the sun out at Wollongong its great to relax at the end with a barbie and beer, I would recommend for all those who enjoy a day out to participate.

I thought after the gong ride why nt continue my fundraising and decided on movember, which is much easier than the ride, well for me anyway. I have a little slow on fundraising for this at the moment and really need to get into it as this is for prostate cancer and beyond blue - helping those with depression. For those who care to donate please follow the below l.ink or just to see my updates from week to week

The 8th grade womens team which I coached for 2010

On the home stretch of the Sydney to gong bike ride, I will one day get some neck muscles

Halfway through Movemeber, starting to get some real volume to the mo

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Monday, August 30, 2010

NZ 2010

Headed over to NZ for my annual ski trip, So an early start with Fred and Amanda took off and flew into Queenstown after being told 31kg over the total weight limit and let on a
nyway. The flight in was amazing coming in over the mount
ains being able to see all the mountains and . On arrival we headed directly to our hotel, Peppers Beacon Resort to catch up with Nige and Bevan our NZ counterparts - Tui, Speights and Ferg for dinner cant get much more kiwi. We had
Emma join our ranks for a few days, which gave another excuse to go out in town and have Ferg burger for a 2nd time.

View from the plane as coming into Queenstown

Nige and Emma mounting a Moa in Q'town

We had a great time and hit up Cardrona, the Remarkables, the conditions and snow were very variable, it was still a great time and had some great days towards the end of the week.
So the Remarkables a great place to ski but watch out for those huts
View up the chair at the Remarkables

After Queenstown we jumped in the car and headed to Methven to catch up with Sammie and hit up Mt Hutt and Porters these were some great days and there is some pretty exciting plans in the works for Porters putting in a new village and gondolas so will have to check it out in about 4 years.
View at Wanaka over the lake - Nige just testing the water

It was a great trip and thanks to Fred for organising - really would love to try and do another ski season but think work has now taken precedence.

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Friday, August 06, 2010

AFL, Bledisloe Cup, Horse Races
and Mumford and Sons

Well been a busy week and have tried to fit in as much as possible in regards to extra curricular activities before making my come back from injury for hockey this weekend. On the weekend I headed down to Melbourne to catch up with Dad and his cycling group who were having a gents weekend away.

Part 1 - So who can climb?

Upon arrival we made our way to the hotel dropped off our gear and headed straight out to a bit of rock climbing. The climbing was at the Hardrock CBD indoor centre on Swanston St, this was a really good venue with plenty of climbing options, it took a while to get started as staff were a bit slow getting onto doing the required safety (no one really wanted to help out) but once this was done we all went off and tried our arm at climbing, it was good to get back into climbing but really struggled as havent done in ages, will have to look into climbing walls round Sydney and finding a climbing partner so can catch up to Travis who's leading climbs in and around Whistler.

Hardrock CBD - Swanston St Melbourne - view from the
Rate the venue 8 out of 10 lost marks cause of the staff

Part 2 - Essendon destroy Saints

After finishing up climbing and everyone had developed a thirst we headed to the St Kilda vs Essendon at Etihad Stadium via Young and Jacksons one of Melbourne oldest pubs (and famous supposedly) for a well earnt pint. The game was all in all disappointing, I had tipped the Saints
for a 20 point win in the end they were smashed by the Bombers by 40 points. I was hoping for a close game, Essendon were on fire and looked in control the whole time and basically were in
cruise control from the start of the second quarter. Upon leaving the game we wandered back to our hotel and visited some of the pubs Melbourne is famous for.

Part 3 - So lets lose some money!

Headed to Caulfield race course for the last race day of the winter season. This was a good day out, all from the riding group in there Orange shirts with everyone asking if th
ey were Dutch, I skipped this embarrassment. The weather wasn't to bad but my tips on the races were horrible and so were Dads, we got one return each, the whole day - on the same race and both paying low odds so didn't cover for the bets but was still fun.
Stanzout winning at Caulfied over Shootout - this was our winning tips pity didn't have more money on it.

Part 4 - The rugby, possibly a game to forget

The start of the tri-nations and a lot of expectations were up for this game as the All Blacks and Wallabies had destroyed Sth Africa. It started well with a try to the Au
ssies though the All Blacks quickly retaliated. From there it was alot of one way traffic and Joubert loved blowing his whistle making dubious decisions and holding up the game, the group except Dad and I left with at least 20 to go in the 2nd half which says alot about the game and the end score of 49 - 28 with the Aussies lucky of that score and if the whistle hadn't gone so often could of been worse but then again if Aussies weren't a player down in the 2nd half could of been a closer affair, will
swallow my pride and say though the All Black would of still won much better team for this game. At least went home to watch th NZ vs Aus hockey match for the champions trophy and the Aussies won 9-1 with some great play looking on track for 3 champions trophy in a row with coming through pool undefeated.

Part 5 - Definately not smarter than a 5th grader!

I flew back in from Melbourne early and got to coach my 8th grade girls in time, we had 10 players this week and I think for the rest of the season we will start to have full squad. We lost the game 10 -1 which was very disappointing but I think not unexpected with such a rotation of players. After this there was SUHC pub trivia on at the Coopers arms, there was pretty low turn
out for this about 20 odd club members so split into teams of 3. I teamed up with Elle and Lloyd, we were travelling alright and in 3rd with 2 rounds to go and from here we crashed and burned, and ended up well off the pace with the music and miscellaneous round killing us.
If anyone is in Sydney and keen for trivia, Fred and I head to the DOG in Randwick on Wednesdays, good test of brain power and a good way to spend Wednesday evening.

Part 6 - Mumford & Sons at the Enmore

Passed on trivia this week to head to Mumford and Sons at the enmore theatre with Fred, Amanda and Erin. This was a great gig and thoroughly enjoyable. The band put on a great show that was full of energy and even played some new songs they had recently written, one being
written in Melbourne whilst they were touring, interesting to see if it makes the next album. Enmore is a great venue and perfectly suited to this style of gig. This badn had had a meteoric rise in Australia playing at the Oxford Art Factory 12 months ago to headlining Splendour in the Grass. Enjoyed it all some of best tunes were The Cave and rollaway your stone.

Rate 9 out 10 - up there with some of the better gigs I have seen, see how they progress with new albums

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Bits and Pieces have been happening since the last update, mainly work trying to plow through reports to be written up for submission. Winter in Sydney has been wet and cold so not a whole lot happens on the farming front especially regarding chemicals so the up coming summer is going to be incredibly busy.
Hockey has been continuing and even though still not playing seem to be doing heaps as equipment officer for the club and coaching 8th grade womens. Coaching can be quite frustrating and if I was a professional would of lost contract by now, conceded 28 goals in 3 weeks scored 6 - possibly something to do with no GK and only have 7 -9 players each week, uni holidays can be a killer - the aim for the season is to get a full team for at least two rounds and a victory would be nice, the players are good and team often in the game until last 10 mins.

I have been looking actively at skis and bindings and after doing some shopping around Sydney bought some new Dynastar Legend px 12 bindings on the net from the states (departmentofgoods.com) even with the $90US shipping these still ended up being $100AUS cheaper than what I could get here, only took 3 days to arrive. Going to hold out on the skis until demo some in NZ and then weigh up if should be spending coin on more skis.
With hockey comes all the nights out especially when you have a bye weekend its a good excuse for a round of pub golf so the SUHC 5/6 squad met in Surry Hills and visited 9 pubs and 1 convenience store. Pub golf is basically a pub crawl with a few more rules and of course you have to be dressed in the proper attire. This year we had pars 1, 2 & 3 - the most challenging holes being the jug hole, par 3 and one thought the milk hole (par 2) but this proved a saviour. The night ended in Newtown, with Jonny and Ruth sharing the check jacket.

At the 4th just outside a store which wasn't expecting to sell quite so much milk. Charlie held the lead from the 1st to the 7th but stumbled on the bloody mary with a poor strategy, the lemon ice filter just stopped everything. This is where I dropped a shot and lost the lead as thought had finished my milk but spilt a few drops, nearly cried.

The end of the round back at Coopers, where we always seem to end up - albeit a few participants short. Thanks to Charlie for organising and for all making a good night!

My golf with Hendo was much calmer but couldnt seem to do anything right, went to Bondi Golf course a par 3 course (1 par 4), would recommend this course to anyone who wants to show off Sydney or needs to improve their short game, right on the North Bondi point and overlooks the beach, and see right down to the harbour bridge and pretty good value at $20 for 9 holes and $25 for 18. Sorry no photos of the course as camera got left at home.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Work, Surgery and Maddison's 18th.

I have been busy writing reports whilst its been non stop raining in Sydney for the last 3 weeks - everyone is complaining but this is almost normal conditions we just have been in drought for years. I am slowly catching up to where I am supposed to be, there was a mitigating factor why all the admin work is getting done. I have had trouble with ankles for last few years and had surgery in my left ankle 2 years ago in Canberra and all of a sudden started having issues with my right and surprise surprise needed another surgery, so in for an arthrotomy and bone removal, so off my feet for a few days. This is resultant from years of sport and not resting when roll ankles, in laymens terms is removal of excess bone that has calcified on joint. So no hockey for the rest of the year or running so have to look at some other exercise regimes such as swimming or cycling, though I am allowed to ski still which is good cause I have booked a 2 week trip to NZ in August - Queenstown and Meth'ven.
As I am allowed to ski I am looking again at new skis to have a play with looking currently at the Fischer Watea 94, though havent skied these have read alot about and number of rave reviews so now to find if can buy in Aus or import.Maddison turned 18, apart from making me feel old the family all met up in Bathurst for dinner and lunch, it was good fun and a good time albeit weird having all the family out at the pub together. Travis is also back in the country so all together for the first time in a couple of years.

Monday, May 03, 2010

Hockey, Work and new place in Sydney

Well after 6months finally starting to settle in got my office sorted and getting around to writing the reports for the trials I have been conducting over the last few months albeit a bit slowly. Hockey as per usual is taking up too much time as said yes to keeping 6th grade, playing on the field 7th grade coaching womens 8th grade and looking after all the equipment. Its all good fun though been nursing a few injuries and hopefully that don't flare up to much.
I have also gone and bought some new golf clubs and hope to see them in the next week or so and looking at memberships in Sydney for the summer, crazy amount of money to walk round a course to swear and wonder why your out and about.
Heading off to New Zealand in August for the annual ski trip with some Whistler buddies, got a couple spots left so if interested give me a call, 10 days fly in Queenstown, fly out Christchurch, car hire and accommodation for all around 2K, hope I don't spend that much on booze!

Couple of photos from the SUHC club day

1st grade defence getting ready on short corner

The Hill, though not as rowdy this day!

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